Sunday, July 19, 2009

A fun Week

We've had a fun week with Diane and Larry and all their kids who were here for four days while Hayden was at EFY with Justin up at Utah State. We had five kids and ten adults living in our little condo. It was crowded and got pretty wild at times but loads of fun. Skyelar is a carbon copy of our other great grandson Cole and Joey is coming on strong as well. Maddax, Lydia and Cyrie are pretty good at holding their own with these two wild indians. We had a pool party on Saturday, then food and entertainment. Craig and Lynn, Brooke and Brian, Robyn and Brian and family and Lynette were here and we had great fun. Emily entertained us with her singing, so did Hayden and then Skyler and Joey got up and entertained us all with their songs and dances. It was so much fun! We sure love everyone!